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Our range of services includes numerous measures and activities which we pool according to your individual requirements. Our highly qualified teams ensure seamless medical care from picking up the patient to the destination.
State-of-the-art technology and competent teams guarantee optimal care for intensive care patients under all sorts of complex transport requirements. In addition to constant and further training a careful selection process of our staff is a matter of course.

... range of services

Our team of specialized physicians is always ready to do a work-up or a doctor-to-doctor consultation for you.
We are part of a long-standing network of certified cooperation partners for carrying out wing-to-wing-options or direct flights within other continents. Organizing and monitoring transports by ambulance in any country worldwide will be our pleasure as well as attending patients on scheduled flights and in PTC (Patient-Transport-Compartment / Lufthansa).

Available Aircraft Types

Beech King Air 90 oder 200

Passenger capacity: 1 Stretcher (ICU)
Crew: 2 Pilots
1 physician und1 paramedic
Speed: 500 km/h / 270 kts
Range: max. 2.500 km / 1.350 NM
Necessary runway: 1.000 m / 3.300 ft
Max. altitude: 10.700 m / 35.000 ft

Learjet 35

Passenger capacity: 1-2 Stretchers (1+ ICU)
up to 2 escorts
Crew: 2 Pilots
1 physician und 1 paramedic
Speed: 790 km/h / 430 kts
Range: 3.900 km / 2.100 NM
Necessary runway: 1.500 m / 4.800 ft
Max. altitude: 14.000 m / 45.000 ft

Learjet 55

Passenger capacity: 1-2 Stretchers (1+ ICU)
up to 2 escorts
Crew: 2 Pilots
1 physician und 1 paramedic
Speed: 790 km/h / 430 kts
Range: max. 3.500 km / 1.900 NM
Necessary runway: 1.500 m / 4.800 ft
Max. altitude: 15.500 m / 51.000 ft

Cessna Citation Bravo 550

Passenger capacity: 1 Stretcher (ICU)
Crew: 2 Pilots
1 physician und 1 paramedic
Speed: 730 km/h / 390 kts
Range: 3.000 km / 1.620 NM
Necessary runway: 1.500 m / 4.800 ft
Max. altitude: 11.900 m / 39.000 ft


artificial respiration: Weinmann Medumat Transport

monitoring: Zoll X-Series Monitoring Vollausstattung


infusing: Braun Perfusoren

About us ...

IAA Air Ambulance has been growing for 20 years into a company specialized on the transport of patients needing intensive care. Transports are accompanied by our highly qualified medical staff only who use our own state-of-the- art medical equipment. We charter planes from renowned German and Austrian aviation companies as we have no aircraft of our own.

... About us

These companies secure continuous maintenance of their aircraft and are subject to strict surveillance by the aviation authorities. Our operational staff is used to handling ground as well as air transport. IAA Air Ambulance is no broker. Our subsidiary Ambulance Intensivmobil GmbH (www.intensivmobil.at) has a fleet of intensive care vehicles at its disposal, based at several locations in Germany and Austria, serving as mobile intensive care units and granting top level patient transports.

... About us

Our medical staff (mostly paramedics trained according to German standards and nurses specialized in intensive care) are steadily working which is essential for our great experience in meeting the demands of any form of transportation. Anesthesiologists and physicians for intensive care medicine are the second pillar of our team. It is extremely important to us that these physicians are in permanent employment in hospitals which ensures professional and efficient methods of working and continuous professional development and training. Routine in-house training and investing in cutting-edge medical technology are the bedrock of our concept of quality.

Legal Notice


Mitterland 35
6335 Thiersee

Phone: +43 5376 21391
Mail: office@iaa.co.at

Companies No: 366737w
place of jurisdiction Innsbruck

VAT number: ATU 66718108

CEO: Thomas Schullan


Our above quotation covers the flight costs including landing fees, ATC- and airway fees, all planning-related and flight-related costs, crew accommodation, necessary visa, medical expenditures and medical crew costs (1 flight doctor and 1 paramedic or intensive care nurse).
The price is exclusive for the asked destination and flight times, in case of time- or destination changes we reserve the right to arrange a new quotation.

Not included in this price are expenses for necessary de-icing of aircraft, war-insurance for particular countries and additional costs arising from landing at airfields outside official hours of operation. Such Costs will be charged extra and debited afterwards.

Neither included are ground transports, which we offer to arrange at extra cost. Detailed prices for the above can be enquired during office hours from our operations headquarter. 
No VAT with international flights.
It is the client’s responsibility to provide valid immigration documents and visa for all passengers.
Inntal Medicall Air Ambulance will inform the client immediately if the medical crew finds the patient in a condition that does not permit to accomplish the transport as planned.
In this case it is the client’s obligation to make appropriate decisions together and in agreement with Inntal Medicall Air Ambulance.
Unless a sea level / low-level cabin-pressure flight has been agreed upon in the flight confirmation, an extra charge of 15% will be applicable if the patient‘s condition unexpectedly calls for a transport in sea level or low-level cabin-pressure. Whenever possible, such altered conditions and subsequent actions will be communicated to the client before departure of flight and will also be clearly documented in the medical transfer records.
In case of extremely adverse weather conditions we reserve the right of postponing a mission for safety reasons.

Payment terms:
We reserve the right to ask advance payment (applicable for new costumers).
As a standard we expect payment within 7 days after the date of flight.

Cancellation terms:
In case of cancellation less than 96 till 48 hours prior to scheduled departure 20% of agreed flight price, at least € 2500,00 for Learjets and KingAir / Challenger € 6000,00
In case of cancellation less than 48 till 24 hours prior to scheduled departure 40% of agreed flight price, at least € 2750,00 for Learjets and KingAir / Challenger € 10000,00
In case of cancellation less than 24 hours prior to scheduled departure 60% of agreed flight price, at least € 3000,00 for Learjets and KingAir / Challenger 15000,00 €

We look forward to receiving your order in due course.

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